Shredding Personal Papers: How to Safeguard Your Identity with Confidence

Shredding Personal Papers: How to Safeguard Your Identity with Confidence

Choosing a professional document destruction service for shredding personal papers will safeguard your data and prevent theft of your personal information.

Professional document destruction services ensure that confidential information is destroyed with the utmost care and sensitivity. With many great benefits of shredding personal papers with a professional service, there is no reason to shred your own documents.

iShred’s document destruction services provide a professional service that will ensure that all your documents are shredded with confidence. From old bank statements, diaries, notebooks, planners, financial records, hard drives, uniforms and any other documents and confidential products, this is a fully monitored service that can be completed onsite or offsite. If you have a great deal of confidential paperwork to go through, on site secured bins can be left behind, enabling you to take your time in the destruction process.

Shredding Personal Papers

With all the latest equipment to get the job done with ease and sensitivity, there is simply no need to shred your own papers. Avoid wasting time using the pesky office shredder and spending money purchasing equipment to get the job done, our services are not only a secure option but cost effective.

With iShred, we not only provide confidence in the process, your shredded papers will be 100% recycled, preventing materials going to landfill. Cost effective, easily accessible and secure, iShred’s professional document destruction is the way to go. A process that is highly safeguarded, a client’s protection against fraud and identity theft is the number one key when it comes to professional document destruction.

NAID-approved, iShred will provide certification once your documents are destroyed with the utmost care and security, leaving you with confidence in the process.

Contact us today to get an onsite bin onsite or document destruction completed offsite. We will no doubt make the process an easy and stress-free option which can be completed on a regular basis or as a once off service. Leave your personal paper shredding to the best in the business, contact us today to speak to one of our friendly staff and organise your document destruction which will safeguard your identity with assurance.

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