Shredding Services for Home – What Can I Shred?

Shredding Services for Home – What Can I Shred?

Excess paper can be a fire hazard and can attract, mice, rodents and other nasties. Identity theft also costs Australians $2.2 to 2.6 billion dollars a year or more. Criminals can sometimes obtain your information by going through garbage and recycling bins.

Shredding helps keep your information private and your financials and identity safe.

We all have documents at home which are best disposed of securely.

Items Suitable for Shredding

Shredding Services for Home

Anything that is paper can be shredded – we recommend shredding any items which contain personal information that is no longer needed. This includes anything that contains your name and address, bank account details, membership details and more.

Personal tax records and financials generally do not need to be kept for more than five years in Australia. It is always advisable to shred any old files of this type. Credit card offers, receipts and invoices, personal records, obsolete bank statements and old fliers and brochures can also all be shredded securely.

Check for Contaminants

All paper can be shredded but contaminants in the paper can increase the cost of shredding and may damage some shredders. Check for plastic, three ring binders, window faced envelopes and accordion folders before you shred. Bulldog clips and plastic sleeves should not be shredded.

If you are using a good shredding company then paper clips, staples, and two-pronged fasteners should be fine.

Some non-paper items can even be securely shredded including cassette tapes, company disks, and computer disks and video cassettes.

Community Shredding Days

Community shredding days are held in Melbourne at many shredding companies. This is a service to where you can take your paperwork into the provider and have it shredded for free. This service benefits everyone involved. Residents and business owners receive free shredding and get to find out more about the service at no risk. There are people on hand to explain everything involved.

Shredding Services for Home

The shredding is generally recycled and sometimes goes to organisations that are in constant need of shredded paper. This can include pet shops and animal shelters.

In Melbourne we provide a cost effective and secure method of document destruction for both businesses and residences. We provide a secure on-site shredding facility through the Melbourne metropolitan areas. All documents can be shredded in compliance with the new reforms of the privacy act of 1988.

For more information or to find out about our regular community shredding days that are held throughout the year, contact us.

For your secure document shredding needs, get in touch with the team at iShred Document Destruction today

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