Too Many Documents? Book a Visit from Our Shredding Truck!

Shredding – a time-wasting, energy-consuming, and utterly dull affair that can be saved with the help of iShred’s Shredding Truck.

The importance of shredding should never be underestimated! Failing to regularly shred, especially for businesses, can quickly land you in a myriad of legal or financial troubles. Enter our shredding truck – ready to save the day!

Despite this importance, we are all too sympathetic towards society’s reluctance to shred. That’s why we put the best minds of our company together and came up with the “shredding truck!”

What is the Shredding Truck?

Our shredding truck is equipped with a series of state-of-the-art, industrial-sized shredders that are able to utterly annihilate anything from everyday documents to books, manuals, folders, keycards, uniforms, and even some redundant product lines. As it’s completely mobile, we can drive these massive shredders out to businesses and homes in Melbourne, ensuring that these items never leave your site intact.


Shredding Truck Knoxfield

Utmost Security and Safety 

To ensure absolute transparency, we have fitted our shredding tracks with CCTV allowing you to keep an eye on our work without leaving your desk. Once your documents and items have been destroyed, we then provide you with a document of destruction to prove your dedication to privacy, cleanliness, and organisation to customers, clients, and business partners.

Book as You Like

Our shredding truck service is totally flexible. You can either call us and arrange a visit at your discretion or set up a regular scheduled visit so you can put it out of your mind. Even if you arrange a schedule, we’re happy to adjust it as many times as needed to match your requirements.

A Game-Changer for Melbourne Shredding!

We’re adamant that our trucks will forever change the face of Melbourne shredding services! Why do it yourself, or trust someone else to do it off-site when you can have it all done at your location with minimal involvement.


Contact iShred today to learn more about our shredding truck specs and see how we can work together to improve your business.


For your secure document shredding needs, get in touch with the team at iShred Document Destruction today

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