Stay Safe With a Mornington Uniform Destruction Service

Why do you need a professional Mornington uniform destruction service?

Businesses need to protect themselves on a variety of fronts—from break-ins, to computer viruses, and lawsuits. However, two things that every business must have protection for are their brand and reputation, and one way to do this is through Mornington uniform destruction.

So why would you reach out to your local Mornington uniform destruction service to protect your business?

1. Accidents can happen

Former employees who may have kept their old uniforms for whatever reason may have an accident, such as a car accident or an accident involving physical injury. This may lead to your business’ OHS practices being questioned, or your business may even be sued.

2. Incidents can happen

Some former employees may wear their old uniforms for whatever reason and find themselves in incidents such as bar fights, disorderly conduct, or protesting at a rally that is in conflict with your business’ culture or ideals.

3. Loss of clients and customers

The consequences of the aforementioned events would most likely lead to your business losing clients and customers due to damage to your brand and reputation.

Mornington uniform destruction can prevent these accidents, incidents and losses from occurring. Our service provides an exceptionally secure service in a number of ways.

4. Travelling in secure vehicles

At iShred, we travel to and from your business in vehicles that are both alarmed and tracked by GPS. This prevents any possible robbery as the vehicle can be tracked.

5. Keeping uniforms secure in transit

iShred not only ensures that sensitive items travel in secure vehicles, but they also keep your uniforms secure by locking them in secure containers when they travel to-and-from your business.

6. Offering a whole package service

The iShred team don’t only destroy clothing. We can offer a complete package of uniform destruction, including destroying IDs/badges, hats, and even shoes and belts.

7. Providing a Certificate of Destruction

Once the work has been completed, we provide your business with a Certificate of Destruction to confirm that your business’ uniforms have been securely destroyed, for complete peace of mind.

If you’d like to find out more about our secure uniform destruction services, or any of our other secure shredding services, get in touch with iShred today, and be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest security news.

Mornington uniform destruction service

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