Stay Safe with Secure Document Destruction Melbourne

Secure Document Destruction Melbourne

It is important to keep your business and customers safe – and document destruction Melbourne is the safest option out there!

In the modern digital world, there is a crime that sees a significant proportion of the perpetrators undiscovered and left unpunished. Identity theft is on the rise, with as many as one in four Australians finding themselves a victim of it in the last two years.

There are however ways to reduce the risk, one of which is secure document destruction with a shredding company. Document destruction Melbourne ensures individuals and businesses don’t become a statistic.

Prevention is better than cure and preventing identity theft is easier than sorting out the mess after the fact. Companies should use a professional shredding service to shred their old documents to protect their clients, staff and their business’ reputation. Individuals should also destroy their personal records, to protect themselves and their families.

Personal document shredding protects individuals from those who would use their sensitive data for illegal purposes. Thieves can sell your number to a call service that would invite a bombardment of phone calls, or use precious family photos to create a fictional online identity for themselves. There is a multitude of other activities that identity thieves undertake.

Criminals can legally sort through your trash if it’s just sitting on the sidewalk waiting to be picked up. Document destruction Melbourne ensures that if thieves do attempt to sort through the waste of a business or a home, they find nothing but garbage and walk away empty handed… and most likely smelling of garbage.

Secure document shredding services can provide secure bins that ensure no one can tamper with the documents. When deciding what needs to be destroyed, generally any business documents that are more than five years old should be considered. Documents that need to be shredded are anything that contains an address, bank details, names, medical records or car registration details. It also includes bank statements, stock reports, ATM receipts or anything with information about your finances.

Even the smallest bit of information can be used to fraudulently apply for credit cards, bank accounts, and even loans, leaving the unwitting business or individual with bad credit and debt. Whether your data is stored in hard copy or is entirely digital, it’s important to shred anything of a sensitive nature. This is why some shredding services can also dispose of forms of media like laptops, DVDs, CDs, hard drives and tapes permanently destroying the data they contain.

Document destruction Melbourne is a crucial safeguard in protecting business and individuals from identity theft and other acts of a criminal nature. Though it may not happen, it’s not worth the risk. Going to a professional shredding service will ensure the data stays out of the wrong hands and provides peace of mind.

iShred makes sure that your data is protected, shredded and disposed of securely. Contact us today to see how we can help your business stay safe!

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