Tainted Food Product Destruction

Nobody likes to think they waste food, but the reality is that food waste is a big deal in Australia and Tainted Food Product Destruction is an important service.

Every year, $20 billion worth of food is wasted, but it happens across homes and organisations all over the country. Dealing with food waste safely requires effective tainted food product destruction practices. This  helps to prevent food poisoning and other potential health issues.

The great news is that there is a drive to reduce food waste, initiated by the Federal Minister for Environment in December 2020. The Stop Food Waste Australia program is part of the National Food Waste Strategy. It promises to be a big player in the reduction of food waste across the county.

Led by Fight Food Waste Limited, the goal is to halve food waste by 2030. This is a brilliant goal, and at iShred we are big believers in reducing food waste wherever possible.

We need to reduce food waste for our future. It can also lead to some pretty big health risks if the waste isn’t handled properly…

We also believe that any of this waste should be handled very carefully, to prevent people eating contaminated products. The consumption of tainted food can cause some pretty serious health problems, with many people even needing hospitalisation or ongoing medical care as a result.

Tainted Food Product Destruction

This is where a proactive approach is advised, and not just for households. Businesses, stores, and factories are also key players in the food waste arena. The last thing any organisation wants is to be responsible for staff or customers getting sick after consuming expired or tainted food products.

Secure tainted food product destruction is the best solution to deal with this. Food manufacturers and retailers have a responsibility to handle recalled and tainted products correctly, rather than disposing of it haphazardly.

iShred doesn’t just shred paper! We also offer a secure and effective tainted food product destruction service. We want to ensure that these products will never make it into the mouths of customers or loved ones.

Contact iShred today to find out more about food waste destruction and be sure to check out the Stop Food Waste Australia program to do your bit towards food waste reduction.


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