The Best Way to Shred Paper

The Best Way to Shred Paper

Need to clear space? The Best Way to Shred Paper is to get a professional and reputable document shredding company to do it for you.

Don’t go through the hassle of using a small paper shredder that jams up or overheats. The best way to shred paper is to have professionals do the job for you instead. All your unwanted materials and sensitive information will be properly shredded and won’t get in the wrong hands.

Why should I get someone else to do it?

You could always shred paper yourself with a little shredder, then throw out piles of shredded pieces. But this is time consuming and impractical. Professionals will take care of it for you, and they’ll dispose of the shredded material safely. You won’t have to deal with that mess. Choosing a shredding service is a cost-effective way to remove clutter. A small, personal shredder doesn’t always do a complete job, plus disposing of the shredded material yourself could cost more in the long run.

Best way to shred paper
Is it safe?

It is entirely safe to hire true professionals to shred your unwanted paper, as well as confidential information that should never be seen by anyone else. With millions of identity theft cases worldwide, you need peace of mind knowing your sensitive information will not fall into the wrong hands. A secure method of document destruction is employed, with full monitoring of shredding activity. The service is NAID-approved and you’ll be provided with a document destruction certificate at the end.

What about electronic documents?

iShred’s service is not limited to paper documents. These days, we have a plethora of electronic documents or information that need to be cleared, too. CDs, DVDs, hard drives – there will be even less chance of your sensitive information being made available to the wrong people.

Can I decide how often I use this service?

Yes, you can. Flexibility is key. You can choose when you’d like to get this done – weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. You can even request secure bins that can be left at your premises, so documents can be safely stored between visits. Furthermore, you can also choose on site or off-site destruction.

What about the environment?

Good news! Absolutely all shredded material will be recycled into other paper products. Cardboard boxes, stationary, egg cartons, toilet paper, planting aids – the possibilities are endless today. You’ll be doing your bit to help the environment.


Clear up your clutter and be safe as well. Those are two excellent reasons to contact iShred and book this service today.

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