Digital Media Destruction Melbourne – The Safest Method

How to Keep Your Data Safe with Digital Media Destruction Melbourne

Have you ever considered what happens to your digital media when you hit delete? It’s destroyed, right? Gone forever, unfortunately, that’s not the whole story.

Unless you take steps to ensure your complete digital media destruction.

Did you know that even the data you think you’ve removed from electronic devices, can be accessed, and retrieved?

But don’t worry, we’re here to explain and show you what to do to stay safe.


What is digital media anyway?

Any forms of digital information received through a screen or speaker such as text, audio, graphics, video, etc. It could be your web page or website, your social media pages, your software, your electronic documents and even your e-books.

There is an important role for digital media in our everyday lives but what many people don’t realise is that simply hitting delete on such media doesn’t necessarily result in the removal of the data.

And that could be dangerous.

Imagine the sensitive information a business stores as digital media from employee profiles and sensitive information to company innovation.

If that data isn’t properly disposed of, the information could end up in the hands of anyone.

It’s a scenario that could put a company at risk or even put them out of business.


What exactly can be shredded?

Almost any paper product can be shredded. That includes financial documents, legal documents, old newspapers and magazines, schoolbooks, promotional materials and so much more.

E-media like flash drives, portable hard drives, CDs, and DVDs can be destroyed, as well as x-rays. If your business has old uniforms, they too can be safely discarded.


So, what can you do about it?

You may be wondering how digital media destruction is even possible without destroying the electronics that house it.

What if you want to re-use that laptop, reassign it to another employee, or even recycle components?

Digital media destruction ensures the digital media contained on a device is destroyed completely so that should somebody else use the device, your data is safe and unable to be retrieved.

That includes sensitive data such as employee files, passwords, and personal correspondence.


How we can help

This is where we come in.

Our digital media destruction service is safe, effective, efficient and a proud member of i-Sigma which is the leading international body for companies providing security information destruction services and meet strict requirements to ensure the safety of your privacy and data using CCTV monitoring so that you can rest assured your data is safe through the entire process.

We provide temporary storage and destruction on or off site and we’ll even provide you with the certificate of document destruction on the day.

We offer the safest method of digital media destruction in Melbourne because we know your privacy matters as does your business.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you ensure you are complying with the latest Privacy Act provisions in protecting your company and its people.



Taking care of the environment

You can be assured that all shredded paper will be recycled and converted into other paper products.

Furthermore, your e-media will not pollute the environment, nor will you need to worry about your old xrays leaking toxic chemicals into the environment.

Clear out your clutter while ensuring all your private information stays private.

Contact iShred for more information regarding their community paper shredding days, or to arrange a regular service.


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