Time for Spring Cleaning? Try Our One-Time Document Shredding Service!

Time for Spring Cleaning? Try Our One-Time Document Shredding Service! 

Did you know that iShred offers a one-time document shredding service? This special service, tailored to help businesses optimise their spring cleaning, is guaranteed to get your workspace organised and ready to go for next year!

Get on Track for the Final Stretch of 2020! 

During the year, particularly around the later months, warehouses and offices overflow with documents, receipts, invoices, and other odds and ends collected throughout the year. This cluttered, unorganised mess will stall productivity and bog down growth. 

A big spring clean will refresh your business and staff, promoting a successful final push during the last few months of the year. To help make this process smooth and efficient, we will visit your site with our powerful industrial shredders ready to sort through everything and destroy what is no longer needed. 

One Time Document Shredding

On-site Bins to Keep You Organised

A big clean can be exhausting, which is why we encourage our clients to use our secure boxes and bins to safely store confidential information between shreddings. This will free up desk and storage place and make your next clean fast and simple! 

Fully Onsite 

To keep your business safe and secure, we ensure that everything you want destroyed is done so onsite. Our shredders render anything placed inside completely useless, while our recycling program puts the shreds to good use and lessens our environmental impact. You can rest easy knowing your documents won’t ever leave your site in tack. 

Organisational Solutions  

To make next year’s spring clean even easier, we offer solutions from our experienced team of business organisation and Privacy Act experts. We’ll work with you to help reorganise your systems to ensure your business is running at maximum efficiency. 2021’s spring clean will be a breeze!    

Don’t let your business be a victim of disorganisation! Call us today to book a one-time document shredding course and finish this year with a bang!  

For your secure document shredding needs, get in touch with the team at iShred Document Destruction today

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