Trust in Us! Confidential Paper Disposal

In business, assuming the security of your files and documents is a grave mistake. Unfortunately, in this world, there are people who make their living searching for information to steal. No matter the size of your operation, if you have information, you’re a target. Let iShred keep your business safe with our Confidential Paper Disposal services.

That’s why we have spent years fine-tuning our confidential paper disposal service. Coming from humble origins in document disposal, we now offer the most comprehensive and secure paper disposal service in Melbourne that will help protect your business.

We’ll come to wherever you are in Melbourne to dispose of all your papers on-site. This means nothing will leave your premises without being destroyed. Your papers are in safe hands!

You can set up your personalised service! A large-scale enterprise with stacks of sensitive papers, for example, would benefit from weekly visits, while a small home office might need us just once a year. The choice is yours!

Confidential Paper Disposal

Once we’ve finished, we can leave secure archive boxes and bins at your workplace. Next time you have something you want destroyed, put it straight into one of these bins so that our next visit can be faster and your business more organised!

By focusing on these three elements, we’ve kept Melbourne businesses safe for years.

Despite this, we still have people doubt the necessity of our service. We are often asked the following:

Why can’t I just destroy my confidential papers myself?
While destroying confidential papers yourself is perfectly fine, it can take huge amounts of time and effort – potentially taking weeks to finish! We have large industrial-sized shredders that can obliterate reams of paper in mere seconds!

Why can’t I send them to the landfill?
Sending confidential papers to the landfill is extremely dangerous. Not only does it breach the trust of your customers, clients, and employees, but it will render your business a perfect target for information thieves. Don’t support their illegal lifestyle by becoming their next victim!

Have a chat to iShred about we can assist with our confidential paper disposal services.