Uniform Destruction Melbourne

A company’s integrity is paramount to gaining trust in the community. That’s where iShred can assist with our service, Uniform Destruction Melbourne.

With that trust comes long-term business and clients or customers who will continue to use your services for the foreseeable future. Uniform destruction as an important part of keeping your business in top shape.

At any one time, there can be a threats made to a company that could severely jeopardize its reputation. The leaking of sensitive data is an obvious one, and something we’ll discuss soon. Something that’s a little less apparent would be, say, a former employee keeping his/her old uniform even though they’ve left the company. Uniform Destruction Melbourne, is an important investment and protection for your business.

Ex Employees and Uniform Destruction

Allowing your uniforms to leave with your former staff is one of the biggest risks any employer can face. Your company may not need them anymore but if the uniform is worn by a former staff member while they publicly engage in any disorderly conduct, this will surely put your company in a bad light. Some businesses have lost major contracts because former employees wearing uniforms were involved in traffic violations, bar fights, political protests and such.

iShred can take care of all your uniform destruction needs. Additionally, and just as importantly, there will come a time when you need to destroy documents. Here in Melbourne, you’ll find secure onsite document shredding that will help your company comply with the latest Privacy Act provisions.

iShred Uniform Destruction Melbourne

Secure Business Property Destruction

It’s a cost-effective and secure method of document destruction, providing solutions to minimize the risk of sensitive information being leaked. You will be ensured that a high-quality service is undertaken for all stakeholders. This company has it all – onsite and offsite document destruction. They’re also environmentally conscious, recycling 100 percent of all paper shredded.

There’s full monitoring of shredding activity (you can even watch!) and secure on site bins are left behind. iShred Document Destruction is NAID-approved and you will get a document destruction certificate upon completion.

Ensure your business is protected, and uniforms and sensitive information never wind up in the wrong hands.

For more information on how iShred can assist your business with our secure uniform destruction, please contact us today!

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