Uniform Disposal – Once You Stop Wearing it, Destroy it!

Secure Uniform Disposal is vital to protect your business, from customers to intellectual property.

When it comes to waste disposal for businesses, most of us initially overlook uniform disposal. That is, of course, until it’s time to actually dispose of a uniform, then we realise how tricky it can be! 

While the obvious choice would be simply sending your uniforms to the landfill, due to the environmental impact and security risk, this is not recommended!

Uniform Disposal
What is Uniform Disposal

We use powerful and advanced shredding systems to completely annihilate even the strongest and sturdiest uniforms. We then securely recycle the scraps to ensure minimal environmental impact and waste. 

What organisations need secure Uniform Disposal?

Our uniform disposal service is mainly aimed at uniformed professionals such as doctors, police, cleaners, paramedics, security guards, retail staff and more. Many of these professions, due to the nature of their work, go through uniforms surprisingly quickly, which is why we believe our service to be very useful!

What are the laws?

Despite the fact that there are not any strict laws on uniform disposal in Australia, it is highly recommended by professionals that uniforms be destroyed. While there are several reasons for this, the one that resonates most strongly is the security risk posed by an old uniform. 

For example, for those with nefarious intentions, getting an old uniform can make the perfect crime. This is especially relevant for professions like police and security guards, whereby security breaches can have profound consequences. 

Furthermore, discarded uniforms found about town, especially those littering the environment, will also cause severe brand damage, as well as pose a threat to wildlife. 

Why you should choose iShred

We will guarantee that with our service these hard-hitting consequences are avoided, thereby protecting your brand and profession. Our certification aligns our service with the latest in security discourse, so you’ll be 100% protected. We can also destroy ID cards and badges to give you the most secure package.


Contact us today to take care of your old uniforms and keep your business safe and trusted!


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