What is Secure Disposal?

Secure disposal of old files can help your business when the time comes to expand, move, or simply clean up your office space.

Disposal of old files is a task that many people often leave until it can no longer be ignored. Secure disposal is necessary to ensure that your confidential documents and information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

What is Secure Disposal

With the rise of digital platforms and online security, it can be easy to forget old, important documents and confidential information lying in old hard drives or on paper. Unnecessary files, such as old receipts and invoices, or outdated storage, like CDs and tapes, can take up wasted space. Not all information is stored on paper, especially as we constantly replace old forms of storage with new ones. It becomes even more of a hassle when you’re moving locations or simply want to expand office and desk space for your growing business. It can be all too easy to accidentally throw these files away and forget that they hold information that may compromise your business. Secure document disposal is necessary in cases where you may be unsure of how to safely scrap information you no longer need.

iShred helps you securely dispose your documents in compliance with the latest Privacy Act provisions. They provide a cost-effective, secure method of document destruction to minimise leaking sensitive information, protecting you, your business, and all stakeholders. iShred’s high-quality service includes on-site and off-site document destruction, and NAID-approved and monitored shredding activity. All paper shredded is 100% recycled, on-site bins can be left behind on request, and we provide a document destruction certificate so you can rest assured that your files have been disposed of safely.

If you’re looking to securely destroy or dispose of your sensitive, confidential information, contact iShred Document Destruction via our website, or contact us by phone at 1300 763 688.

What is Secure Disposal

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