Worried about unsecure disposal of private information

Worried about unsecure disposal of private information?

In the headlines currently, large Corporations have been subject to a series of events that have affected your personal information from been secure.

Under the Australian Privacy Principals, activities such as disposal of expired files via means of ‘tipping’ is prohibited and the penalties imposed are greater than $1,000,000.00.

Secure disposal of private information

Secure disposal of private information with our Onsite Document Shredding

Our crew recently witnessed one such Company, deciding that it was ‘cheaper’ to use a skip bin, rather than having the documents professionally destroyed.

Engaging a professional document shredding business is paramount under the Law and is a small price to pay total security of your client’s personal information.


Flexibility and convenience

Needs defer from customer to customer. You may want a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual cleanup depending on the situation at home or in the office. No problem, iShred is here for you. Even if you don’t want to commit to a regular service, you can take advantage of their monthly community shredding days, taking your scraps with you as needed.

Secure Document Disposal Mornington


Secure Document Shredding Protects Your Business

Document shredding is a must if you want to protect sensitive business information, customer records, and employee documents.

Any business that collects personal information from individuals, they create a database of information that should be kept confidential and protected. Whenever data falls into the hands of the wrong person, bad things can happen.
Every year there are thousands of cyber breaches to Australian businesses. Most of these cyber breaches affect small business owners and pose a real threat toward their sensitive data.

Secure disposal of private information – what needs to be destroyed?

Some common documents that require confidential destruction include: medical records, bank statements, legal information, contracts, tenders, proposals, employment data, marketing plans, patent or design plans and anything else that is important to your business and personal activities.

If you need to dispose of sensitive documents, then be sure to use a professional shredding service to ensure all of these documents are safely & securely destroyed. Issues such as identity theft mean that you should never assume that because a document has been put in the bin, it will not be viewed by anyone else.

Contact us at iShred On Site Secure Document Destruction for a cost-effective solution to protect your business and your client’s information.

secure onsite document destruction

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