A Basement Cleanup – Secure On-Site Document Destruction

Recently at iShred we completed a secure on-site document destruction service for a Practice that required some much-needed TLC.

In a lower basement under the building, there was a huge build-up of expired files and X-rays some dated back to over ten years. The Administration Staff of this Practice did not undertake their responsibility in maintaining the archive room, nor did they think of the associated risks in the event of a fire.

When the recently retired Doctor stumbled across this problem lurking in the Practice basement, he contacted iShred for a solution. After a prompt inspection and rearranging the Operations schedule, iShred deployed 3 staff members to undertake the packing, removal and securely destroying the files on site, in addition, a small volume of hard rubbish was arranged to be removed and disposed of.

The works were completed within a day and the basement of this Practice was left clear and respectable.

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