Benefits Of Executive Console Cabinets

Executive Console Cabinets

Executive Console CabinetsMost businesses will have access to confidential information, whether its home addresses, credit card details, phone numbers, payroll records or other sensitive data, businesses have a responsibility to ensure this confidential data isn’t stolen or disclosed. There are many ways to achieve this, with the most straightforward method being the use of a secure shredding service.

Secure shredding services have a multitude of options on offer to securely destroy documents, including onsite shredding, offsite shredding, reliable transportation and the use and benefits of executive console cabinets. The consoles themselves are a secure, lockable document disposal container where confidential data can be stored while awaiting secure destruction. They usually come free with the shredding service and can hold up to 40kg of papers.

Other benefits of executive console cabinets are that they provide a secure and safe space to dispose of confidential documents while they await destruction. A bonus to the benefits of executive console cabinets is that they are not just colourless containers, they can come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and made to suit individual office furniture, allowing them to blend in with any office environment.

iShred is a member of NAID and offer a document destruction certificate. We offer fully secure document shredding that ensures your company will comply with all privacy laws. Ultimately this is a cost-effective method of document destruction that reduces the risk of a data breach. There are not presently any government regulations, or laws preventing strangers from sorting through the contents of regular bins, meaning literally anyone could sort through something left out on the sidewalk waiting for disposal, without any repercussions.

Whether the data is stored on a hard copy, or is entirely digital, they all need to be destroyed when they have outlived their usefulness, which is why many shredding services will also dispose of forms of media like laptops, DVDs, CDs, hard drives and tapes, ensuring the data they contain is permanently destroyed.

The benefits of executive console cabinets are many, but at a fundamental level, they are a crucial safeguard in protecting individuals and businesses from intellectual theft, identity theft and other criminal activities. In an age of identity theft and online transparency, the importance of destroying sensitive documents that are no longer useful cannot be stressed enough. Prevention is often better than cure, the use of a secure shredding service can prevent these criminal activities and provide everyone with peace of mind knowing their data is safe.

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