Business Risk Assessment – Keep Your Business Safe

Business Risk Assessment – Keep Your Business Safe

Ensure that your livelihood is safe with a comprehensive Business Risk Assessment from iShred.

While providing secure document destruction all over Melbourne, the iShred team has seen a lot over the years – some of it good, some of it not-so-good.  We can say without question that a thorough business risk assessment is necessary for every workplace or business, regardless of size or industry.

To help you make a start on your own business risk assessment and risk management plan, we have put together a handy guide with some key points and areas of focus.

Data security and privacy make up a large part of the risk management arena.  Without a good understanding of what is required by law, or awareness about how identity fraud and asset theft come into being, you won’t be able to guarantee that you are protecting your business effectively.

Business Risk Assessment

Document Safety Compliance

Do you have clear processes surrounding the storage and disposal of sensitive material?  Are archived records uniformly labelled and easy to identify?  Are you aware of any additional security requirements specific to your industry?

What about the frequency of audits and sorting, or policies regarding expired or redundant documents?  Is your company’s chosen destruction method or service both secure and efficient?

The secure collection, storage and use of data is critical for the integrity and success of any business.  iShred’s Business Risk Assessment breaks all of the important elements down into bite-sized pieces, helping you to work out what you need to do to bring your own data risk management processes up to date.

Training Employees

It’s one thing to have great policies and processes in place, but these are only effective if the people working in your business follow them.  Process development, as well as staff training and support, must be considered and given due attention.  They must be structured enough to ensure security and integrity, while being flexible enough to grow with the business.

Beyond Paper

Paper files are not the only items that require secure processes and destruction methods.  Like many organisations, perhaps you have old unused uniforms or e-media lying around, creating risky access points for people who shouldn’t have access to them.  Those old computers and staff lockers may not be as benign as they first appear to be.

Business Risk Assessment

Whether you have a bricks and mortar business, or provide online or remote services, one of the key assets in your business is your data and intellectual property. For many companies, if private information or intellectual property was lost or fell into the wrong hands, it could mean the end of the business (or at least a big setback).

By spending a few moments completing iShred’s Business Risk Assessment, you could save yourself a lot of time, money and heartache in the future.

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