Business Services Records Disposal

During the course of any business, hundreds and thousands of records are produced and stored. These include the records of any services provided to and by a business, which are often delicate and detailed with plenty of private information.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that these business service records are carefully and properly disposed of when they are no longer required. This will prevent the leaking of private information that could result in legal and financial trouble for your business. 
iShred - Business Services Records Disposal

Business services records disposal from iShred uses state-of-the-art shredders that can be easily transported to your site. Once they are set up, we will assist in gathering all unneeded business service records and securely destroy them. The waste is then transported back to our site and recycled. We are also able to securely bring the records back to our site to be destroyed there. 


Most businesses have records containing information such as payment details, credit card numbers, employee and client registrations and more. This kind of information is pure gold to those with nefarious intent – from credit card fraud, stolen identities and business secrets in the hands of your rivals. If these consequences sound bad enough, if your business’s neglect is found the root of the crime, you may also be in very hot legal and financial water. 

That’s why the Australian government has strict rules ensuring that business service records are kept secure. We know these rules inside and out, and have thereby tailored our company to ensure that it complies with every one of them. We’ll pass on our knowledge to you while working through your business’ stored documents to see what needs to go. Once this is done, we will strive to destroy everything we have determined to be a risk to your business in an efficient and secure manner.


After we have finished shredding, we can also leave behind secure bins for you to store documents that need destroying, making future visits a lot more effective. We will also provide you with a destruction certificate, which proves your company is in-line with Australian privacy standards relating to business services records disposal. This, plus our NAID certification, will leave you to rest easy knowing you’re on the right side of the law and allow you to concentrate on your job!


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