Corporate Document Shredding for Melbourne Offices

Corporate Document Shredding for Melbourne Offices

Corporate document shredding is a must for any business that wants to be rid of clutter. Why hang onto unwanted documents that take up space?

Any business, even home businesses, needs to remove old materials to make room for new. Corporate document shredding is vital to end clutter and lessen the risk of documents getting into the wrong hands. It happens more than you would like to think.

Why corporate document shredding is important

The most obvious reason for having a secure document shredding service is the amount of physical space you’ll save. It doesn’t take long for paper to stack up and, before you know it, you’ve got piles of old or unwanted material. You won’t have room to work properly and will have a potential fire hazard on your hands.

Corporate Document Shredding
Safety is paramount

Identity theft is all too rife today. Should your documents get in the wrong hands, you could be in the same boat as millions of others worldwide. Money can be lost and reputations can be ruined. A lot can happen, so don’t become a victim. Remember that along with hard copy documents, we can also destroy confidential digital information for you. Clear your clutter – both physical and digital.


A corporate document shredding service can be used as often or as little as you need. You can schedule one-off office cleanouts, or book document destruction on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. You can also keep document storage containers (wheelie bins and boxes) at your premises. These will safely and neatly store documents between services.

The other important stuff

Being a fully secure on-site document shredding service in Melbourne, you can be confident that your business will comply with the latest Privacy Act provisions. A secure method of document destruction is implemented, with all parties assured of absolute protection. Furthermore, your documents will be broken down so that they can never be reconstructed.

As a planet-friendly bonus, all shredded material is recycled into other paper products. Great for the environment!

Rest easy knowing your confidential documents will never get into the wrong hands, and you’ll have much clearer and calm space to work. Be sure to contact iShred to get started with your service today.

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