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The right Corporate Shredding Services are a valuable asset, keeping your business safe and operating smoothly.

The larger your company, the more intensive your shredding needs will become. Documents, receipts, resumes, invoices, guidebooks, manuals, CDs, keycards, and more. While more is digitised nowadays, a surprising amount of paper and inventory still builds up in offices over time. This is where secure corporate shredding services come in.

While some opt for simply shredding it themselves or throwing it all in the recycling bin rather than enlisting the help of corporate shredding services, for those with sensitive data, these shortcuts can cost you a lot more than time in the end.

Using a Secure, High Volume Shredding Service

So, how does one strike a balance between saving time and protecting a business? The answer is simple – hire a secure shredding service like iShred. Our mobile, industrial-grade shredding machines come to you onsite, ensuring that sensitive documents never leave the office. Our team handles the labour, allowing you and your staff to get on with the job and leave the tedious task of shredding to us.

Corporate Shredding Services
Safeguard Your Business

Large corporations are often the target of unscrupulous thieves hoping to find security flaws to exploit. A lack of proper document destruction is one of the most common ways your information can leak, potentially landing you in legal trouble and tarnishing the reputation of your business. Personal information, credit card details, product descriptions, contact details, and other information in the wrong hands can do serious damage. 

Safe and Secure

You can keep sensitive information safe through our specialised corporate shredding service. Specifically designed with large-scale operations in mind, we can effectively and efficiently destroy even the most sizable collections of data, making sure it never sees the light of day in usable condition. 


You can protect your business and move forward in safety through regular use of our corporate shredding services. Your clients, customers, and employees will undoubtedly be thrilled to hear you take their privacy seriously. Contact iShred today to book your shredding service.


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