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Having stacks of unwanted paper or e-media can drag you down. Your productivity suffers and you’ll find you can’t relax either. Sometimes, all that clutter can even create an unhealthy environment for you and your family, as it can be a breeding ground for mould and other nasties.

How to find document shredding near me iShred

Any time is the right time for a cleanup at home or your office

Trust iShred to get it done quickly and safely.

Nothing stifles productivity like stacks of unwanted paper. iShred knows just how to remove your paper waste quickly while preserving your privacy, and that of your customers and clients.


What else can I shred?

Most paper items can be shredded including financial and legal documents, old school books, newspapers, magazines and promotional materials. But iShred doesn’t just destroy and discard paper. They also safely destroy e-media like portable hard drives, flash drives, CDs and DVDs.  And if you need the service for the workplace, they will even discard old uniforms, x rays and other redundant items so no one can use them for untoward purposes.

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Protect your privacy

iShred is all about privacy protection, which in today’s sinister world, is paramount. Businesses with confidential information of employees, clients or customers will find this service especially useful.

iShred is a fully secure onsite document shredding company in Melbourne, Servicing South East Metro Melbourne Peninsula and Gippsland. They provide a cost-effective and high-quality method of document destruction, providing solutions that minimise the risk of sensitive information being used for malicious purposes.

There is full monitoring of shredding activity via CCTV. And you will be provided with a document destruction certificate on the day.


A convenient service when you need it

Everyone has different needs. You can arrange a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual clean up. On-site bins can arrange to be left behind too. If signing up for a regular service is too much of a commitment, iShred also has community shredding days monthly.

Don’t put up with clutter in your home or office. Create a calmer yet more productive environment for yourself.

Contact iShred to book a service today.

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