Document Shredding Service in Melbourne

If your business or home needs a reliable document shredding service in Melbourne, at iShred, we’ve got you covered.

We aren’t just limited to hard copy documents. Our document shredding service in Melbourne can help you dispose of electronic media too. Everyone can benefit from the safety of having their documents destroyed. Identity theft costs businesses and individuals millions every year, all over the world.

This document shredding service in Melbourne services other nearby areas. We all have stacks of documents, both hard copy and electronic, lying around. Throwing them out in the bin isn’t enough. You need a reliable shredding service that can safely shred and dispose of paper documents. Electronic waste is also not a great idea. Have a team of experts safely remove confidential information from your hard drives, usb sticks, or CD’s and DVD’s.

Document Shredding Service in Melbourne

Can work uniforms be disposed of?
Yes! Work uniforms can be used by the wrong people for the wrong reasons. You don’t want your company’s image tainted when a former employee gets involved in a tricky situation while wearing their old uniform. This has happened before. Ensure your company doesn’t experience this by having uniforms destroyed when they’re not needed anymore.

May I choose when to have my documents shredded?
Absolutely. The service can come to your place of business. You can choose to have a regular service weekly, fortnightly or monthly. However, if you need it less frequently, just call when required.

Is it secure?
You can be assured this is a safe and reliable service, under full surveillance and NAID certified. Your company will comply with the latest Privacy Act Provisions. Your paper documents, electronic documents and uniforms will destroyed to a point where they can’t be reconstructed. They’ll never get into the wrong hands.

Document Shredding Service in Melbourne

Is it environmentally friendly?
In order to reduce our carbon footprint, all shredded paper will be recycled into other products. Everyday paper-based items can be made with the shredded material!

Be safe and reduce risk of identity theft or other unfortunate incident caused by the leaking of confidential documents – paper or electronic. Give yourself some peace of mind. Call iShred today.