DVD Destruction – Get Rid of Old Data with On-Site Shredding

Keep your private info safe with iShred’s secure DVD Destruction service and clear your old e-media clutter.

Workspaces or homes clogged up by stacks of DVDs are not only messy and unorganised, but can also present a genuine danger to one’s security and privacy. To securely and effectively remove all your old, unused DVDs in one go, book our specialised on-site DVD destruction service and start your business on the road towards full digital optimisation.

DVD Destruction Melbourne

Why DVDs Destruction?

While we mostly upload and share information, videos, and presentations via the internet or internal hard drives nowadays, it wasn’t so long ago that DVDs and CDs were the most popular and trusted tool of the trade. Old backups, business promotional videos, presentations to clients, home movies, holiday pictures, and more, DVDs were the great but now utterly redundant backbone of our technological society.

While it’s tempting to keep them, storing DVDs can take up a surprising amount of space, while their security is flimsy at best. Instead of wasting your time collecting them or getting rid of them (often a strenuous task in itself), our onsite DVD destruction service will obliterate all your DVDs at once, rendering them utterly useless while still being able to be recycled.

What Can I Use Instead of DVDs?

Nowadays, physical hard drives come in small, portable sizes boasting terabytes of storage and are able to hold all of the information once collected on hundreds of DVDs. They can be password protected and disconnected from the internet, ensuring total privacy and security. Meanwhile, online cloud storage services are getting better and bigger by the year, allowing you to easily share files between multiple computers and people without taking up physical space. They can also be fitted with cutting-edge security tools to ensure that your data is safe, although discretion is still advised. In the era of remote work, cloud storage and hard drives are clearly the future of business. Compared to these, DVDs and CDs are simply a waste of space and resources.


With mobile on-site shredders, iShred will visit your location and make the entire DVD destruction process easier, safer, and stress-free! Join the 21st century and optimise your office and home by transferring your DVD data to the above storage methods and leave the DVD destruction to us.

DVD Destruction

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