EOFY Document Destruction

EOFY Document Destruction

Destroying your confidential documents is vital in keeping your private information safe, and the end of financial year is the perfect time to start EOFY document destruction.

Your financial documents are full of sensitive information, and if they are not disposed of properly, it can lead to some serious problems such as identify theft and fraud. EOFY document destruction from iShred will ensure the safety of your information, while also complying with the latest Privacy Act provisions.

iShred Document Destruction - EOFY Document Destruction

All forms that include your private and personal information should be destroyed – such as old tax documents and insurance information. This includes half-filled forms or forms that have been filled out incorrectly, as they can still contain sensitive information. The end of financial year is a great time to sort through your tax and insurance documents, and to determine which ones are ready to be destroyed, and which ones should be kept for longer. This way you won’t have documents piling up through the next financial year, allowing you to navigate through your documents with ease. While compiling and disposing of all documents for EOFY document destruction can seem overwhelming, iShred provides high quality, secure and cost-effective on-site shredding services to ease the burden of destroying the documents yourself.

On-site bins can left behind for your convenience and off-site document destruction is also provided if this option suits your needs. Once all the needed documents are destroyed, all shredded paper will be 100% recycled.

Product destruction and warehouse cleanouts are among the services provided by iShred at your place of business.

iShred is a member of NAID (National Association of Information Destruction), which means that we meet strict criteria to ensure the safe and secure destruction of all documents. All shredding activity that is performed is fully monitored, to add further security of your information. In completion of your document destruction, a document destruction certificate will be issued for your records as proof of secure disposal.

Contact iShred for a cost-effective way of securely disposing of your sensitive information for the end of financial year.

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