Finance Records Disposal – Keep Your Business Safe!

Safeguard your business’ precious financial records through our secure and cost-effective Finance Records Disposal service. 

What is Finance Records Disposal?

Our shredders use state-of-the-art technology to rip apart any amount of paper in seconds, which is then securely recycled, rendering it completely useless and thereby keeping your sensitive information safe from prying eyes.

Finance records disposal includes the destruction of all records that contain data relating to your business’ financial performance, client data, salaries, budgets and more. The information contained in these sorts of documents can be gold to your rivals, so taking extra steps to strengthen your security is worth the cost. 

Finance Records Disposal
What organisations need secure Finance Records Disposal?
Our financial records disposal system is aimed at businesses both global and local. No quantity of records is too small or insignificant! Businesses such as law firms, accountants, retail, service or any other business that accumulates financial records would benefit from our service.

While it is completely up to you how you dispose of your own financial records, we strongly recommend you take the time to ensure their secure and complete destruction. This will prevent your business from becoming the victim of a data breach, which can have far-reaching consequences and may spell doom for your business. 

What are the laws?

However, if your financial records contain private and sensitive information relating to your clients or customers, then you are legally obligated to ensure they are protected and, when they are no longer being used, de-personalised or destroyed. Even without the legal aspect, businesses who don’t take privacy seriously will quickly find themselves void of trust and money. 

Why you should choose iShred?

Our NAID-approved service complies with the strictest privacy guidelines so as to keep you on the right side of the law. We have a wealth of knowledge on privacy-related matters, so, if you are unsure as to what needs to be destroyed, we are more than happy to field your questions anytime!


For the safest and most cost-efficient financial records disposal service on the market, contact us today!

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