Going Digital – Why Businesses Should Embrace a Paperless Future

The future of business really does see companies Going Digital on a scale never seen before. Embrace it – for our environment, safety, and sanity!

In the modern world, electronic-based communication is generally accepted as a given thing. However, there are a surprising number of companies and individuals still out there who cling to pen and paper. It’s not only terrible for the environment, but paper is also extremely ineffective and could potentially hinder your business expansion. Here are just some of the benefits of going digital and embracing a paperless office.

Virtually limitless storage space

Unlike paper, which requires physical space to store, digital information can be stored either on a secure cloud-based storage system or physical hard drive, memory stick, etc. With digital storage technology rapidly improving, a business’ entire database can be stored seamlessly on portable hard drives boasting terabytes-worth of space.

A cleaner, more organised workspace

By going digital, either on the cloud or hard drives, your workspace will be free from the clutter caused by piles of documents, manuals, CDs, and whatever else. This will encourage productivity and lead to a far more effective workplace.

Going Digital

Instantly share information

Through email, instant messaging, video calls, cloud services, and more, your company’s information and work can be instantly shared. This includes both internal and external systems to ensure everyone is on the same page and working at maximum efficiency.

Surprisingly safe and secure 

Many detractors of digitalisation often decry the safety and security concerns relating to paperless storage. While these concerns undoubtedly hold water, with well-planned, meticulously enacted protocols, digital storage is low risk.

Go digital with document shredding

Once you’ve made the decision to go paperless and embrace digitalisation, there are several necessary steps you’ll need to take to ensure the process is smooth. Firstly, you’ll need to speak to IT professionals to set up a secure system that will suit your company. Next, thoroughly sort through everything you wish to dispose of. Finally, scan or copy important items and save them in accordance with the protocols of your new system. After this, hire a secure, on-site industry document shredding service like iShred to visit your business and destroy all of your unwanted documents and whatever else.


Rather than risking information leaks by dumping them in landfill or recycling, using a secure document shredding service will give total peace of mind. You can relax knowing that your company’s information will never see the light of day.

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