Increasing Security Threat and Document Deconstruction

With an ever-increasing security threat facing us almost weekly, it’s vital you take precautions by hiring professional document destruction experts to dispose of your information safely.

As we do so much online, it’s easy to forget that paper document destruction must be done thoroughly to keep security threats at bay. Paper documents and e-media should be safely discarded to protect yourself, family, employees or customers.

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Increasing Security Threat and Document Destruction

You’ve heard it all. Our private data has been stolen and leaked to dishonest individuals who will gain from it. They hide behind their screens and keyboards. Everything from birthdays, addresses, phone numbers, driver’s license numbers, banking information, medical information. It is all too easy for third parties to access and pass on to even more sinister individuals who will use that information for malicious purposes.

Remember how important it is to have paper documents destroyed properly. Those too can get into the wrong hands. Protect yourself and the ones you care for most. It isn’t easy to destroy and discard your old or unwanted documents and other paper items. But with iShred, you know it will be done the right way.


Professionalism Guaranteed

iShred has years of experience destroying and discarding paper items like bank statements or other financial documents, legal documents, logbooks, promotional materials, and so much more.

They will even help you get rid of e-media that might contain digital forms or files full of private information – hard drives, flash drives, CD and DVD storage too.

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Safety Comes First

iShred does all shredding activity under CCTV surveillance and you will be provided a document destruction certificate upon completion of the task. They are members of iSigma, which means you can wholly trust them to do everything by the book.



You can choose to have a regular service with iShred, at the frequency of your choosing. Whether onsite or offsite, you can rely on them to destroy and dispose of your documents.
If you need to, onsite bins can be left behind.

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Have peace of mind knowing confidential information will never be seen by the wrong people.

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