Is It Time for An Office Cleanout?

Now more than ever, an untidy office makes for an unproductive and unsafe environment. It’s the perfect time for an Office Cleanout!

A messy office is counterproductive. No one feels like working in an untidy environment. Furthermore, boxes and stacks of paper lying around present safety risks. An office cleanout will provide you with a neater atmosphere in which to get your work done. Plus, you will reduce the number of hazards.

Office Cleanout – it’s not just about paper clutter

An office cleanout handled by professionals is a comprehensive solution to your clutter woes. You can get rid of your old financial documents, contracts, promotional material, newspapers, magazines, schoolbooks – just about any paper item.  It doesn’t stop there. Safely dispose of x-rays so they don’t leave toxins in the environment. And don’t forget about e-media like flash drives, portable drives, and CDs/DVDs. These items are all flammable, so you’ll be removing the hazards of having all this unwanted material lying around.

Office Cleanout

You choose when

It’s up to you to decide how often you have a cleanout. iShred is flexible. Whether onsite or offsite, you can have the service monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly. In addition, secure bins can be left between visits, saving you the cost of destroying and disposing the waste by yourself or asking your staff to do it.

Safety comes first

By getting help from a professional i-Sigma approved service, you’ll ensure your company complies with the current Privacy Act provisions. All shredding activity is monitored, and you are provided with a document destruction certificate on completion. This is a secure method of document destruction that provides solutions to minimise the risk of sensitive information being obtained by malicious third parties.

Reduce your carbon footprint

You needn’t worry about any negative impacts of your waste. All paper is recycled and converted to other paper items for use in everyday life.


Stay safe and clear away all your unwanted mess. Contact iShred to make a booking.

Office Cleanout

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