Medical Records Destruction for Health Professionals

Medical Records Destruction – Secure Document Shredding for Health Professionals

Health Professionals and those working closely with them, are trusted with their patient’s medical records and history. Health Professionals have a professional and legal responsibility to their patients, as well as keeping compliant to Australian, State and Commonwealth law.

In this article, iShred looks into the type of confidential information and documentation that your patients entrust with you and the steps for Medical Record Destruction.

Information in this article is a guide only.

Let’s have a look at what information you may have on record for your patients, suppliers and staff.

  • Records of Medical & Surgical Procedures
  • Medication History
  • X-Rays and Scans
  • Test Results
  • Patient Details such as Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Progress Notes – Handwritten or in Digital Format
  • Information of Employees and Staff
  • Health Insurance information


How long to keep this information?

Medical records should be retained as per the relevant Australian or State legislation.

Some Doctors keep records indefinitely. For Doctors including GP’s, Psychologists etc, medical records for adults must be kept for at least seven (7) years and up to twenty five (25) years for children from the date of the last contact.

Dentists however are required to retain patient records for 7 – 10 years, depending on local privacy laws.


How to Securely Destroy Documents – Medical Records Destruction

The experts at iShred can securely and confidentially destroy documents, including those on paper and in digital format.

iShred come onsite to your location and securely destroy:

  • Paper Documents & Archives
  • Digital Hard Drives
  • USB sticks, DVD’s

Other options are iShred’s Archive Boxes and Secure Document Bins with regular service to your office or practice.

Upon destruction, you will receive a ‘Certificate of Destruction’.



Medical Records Destruction for Health Professionals by iShred


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