On Site Shredding Dos and Don’ts – Keeping it Simple

When it comes to on site shredding, it might surprise you to know what you can and can’t get rid of through our service.

At iShred, we like to keep it as simple as possible by outlining the on site shredding dos and don’ts (as you can see in our pics below). This eliminates any confusion for those who run small or home-based businesses and are looking to use our services.

By knowing the dos and don’ts of on site shredding, you’ll save us and yourself time. You’ll also free up space and create the opportunity for you to continue with business as usual. Our secure shredding service in Melbourne also ensures your organisation complies with the Privacy Act when disposing of material.

On Site Shredding

So what can you put in one of our secure bins?

Items like bank statements, financial records, customer information (names, addresses and other identifying information) are accepted. So are personnel and employment records, receipts and invoices, tax records and staples, paper clips and binder clips. While we don’t sort anything for you, we can arrange for bins to be supplied and collect when you’re done.

While there’s a lot you can do, there’s also quite a few don’ts on the list. Avoid tossing any plastic items in our bins, along with any garbage, foil, polystyrene or even bulldog clips. We appreciate all your effort in sticking to the right items. This means iShred can ensure a high-quality service is undertaken for all of our stakeholders.

Nothing goes to waste in our shredding processes and everything is 100% recycled, making it great for the environment. Everything is captured on CCTV and you’ll be provided with a document destruction certificate. This is proof that all work has been completed to the highest standard by an i-Sigma member.

If in doubt, check out the pics with the full list of dos and don’ts when it comes to shredding. To find out more about our document shredding services and collection, contact iShred for all the info.


On Site Shredding - Dos
On Site Shredding - Don'ts

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