Paper shredding services Mornington

Paper shredding services Mornington

Does your business or workplace have a growing pile of documents that need to be destroyed? Paper shredding services Mornington from iShred has you covered.

Whether you have your own business, work for others or need it for your personal use, our paper shredding services Mornington will completely destroy any documents you need to dispose of.

What can be shredded?

We all have items lying around our workplace and home that are no longer needed, yet we don’t know what to do with them. Throwing them out into regular rubbish just won’t cut it. Neither will paper shredders that aren’t designed for heavy-duty shredding. Paper shredding services Mornington does it all. Items that can be shredded include bulk mail, bank statements, financial records, receipts and invoices, personnel records, paystubs, documents (with names, address, phone numbers, email addresses), old school text books and worksheets, and obsolete brochures/stationary/files, old newspapers and magazines. It’s a tedious task – you don’t have to do it yourselves!

It’s cost-effective and secure

This is fully secure on-site document shredding in Melbourne that services the entire Mornington Peninsula. We will ensure your company complies with the latest Privacy Act Provisions. The task is carried out with strict surveillance and we are NAID-approved. This is a high-quality, cost-effective way to have peace of mind. We provide solutions to minimise risk of sensitive information being leaked – all stakeholders can be assured that what should be confidential, remains confidential. It won’t get into the wrong hands.

It’s also environmentally friendly

We do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint, you can be sure of that! Shredded paper will likely be used to make other products. Cardboard boxes, envelopes, printing paper, egg cartons, toilet paper and the like.

It could just be old material you don’t want to keep, or confidential documents that should never be seen by anyone else. Have reliable professionals get rid of it for you. Get in touch with iShred today to arrange your shredding service.

Paper shredding services Mornington

For your secure document shredding needs, get in touch with the team at iShred Document Destruction today

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