School Document Shredding Melbourne – Keeping Our Kids Safe!

We wouldn’t expect anything less than diligence when it comes to the safety of school records and secure school document shredding.

These documents contain personal information about our most valuable assets – our children!

Fortunately, the Victorian Education Department has stringent regulations with regard to this.  Schools store both temporary and permanent records, containing data of all types.  There are many guidelines around the collection, storage, and retention of education records – as well as school document shredding.

Victorian schools are regulated by The Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) with regard to how long records need to be stored, how they should be stored, and how they must be destroyed.

The types of information you’ll find in schools are:
  • Address and Contact Details
  • Financial Records
  • Academic Records
  • Behaviour Records
  • Health Information – including Medicare, Ambulance, Disability or Special Needs
  • Family Law Records, such as Court Order Information
  • Privacy Information and Release Forms
  • Images, Video, Account Logins for personal items such as Digital Devices

And these are just a snapshot!  There is so much sensitive data stored in schools that it warrants regular attention and good systems.  In this digital age, the privacy of our children is more important than ever.

The team at iShred are no strangers to school document shredding, and therefore are great supporters of school communities across Melbourne.  We can help your school raise funds with an iShred fundraiser – for more information check out the Fundraising information on our website!

iShred understands the need for confident, secure school document shredding.  We can assist with all types of on-site record destruction, from paper files to e-Media.  All shredded and destroyed materials are recycled responsibly, and we present schools with a “Certificate of Destruction” after completion.

There are a number of ways to secure your files and media that are awaiting destruction.  iShred can provide your school with Secure Document Bins, Archive Boxes, or Executive Console Cabinets, depending on the amount of shredding anticipated and the security needs of the information itself.  All DELIVERED to your school & SHREDDED onsite!

For more information on how iShred can assist with our secure document destruction services, contact us today or call us on 1300 763 688.


School Document Shredding

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