Secure Paper Shredding Services for Individuals

If you can’t see your computer for the mountain of paperwork building on your desk, it’s time to seek out paper shredding services for individuals now!

You don’t need to have a business to benefit from secure paper shredding. At iShred, we also offer paper shredding services for individuals to help you dispose of all unwanted paperwork.

We’re getting towards the pointy end of the financial year which means tax time is near. Many of us have old files and other paperwork cluttering up home offices, study areas, or even storage spaces. We provide paper shredding services for individuals because we know you need to be just as careful as anyone else when it comes to the disposal of old financial records.

Paper Shredding Services for Individuals

From bank statements to old tax files, invoices, receipts, and any other confidential paperwork you no longer need, we can provide you with either onsite or offsite document destruction right here in Melbourne. Our cost-effective and fully secure shredding method ensures your sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands once you clear your paperwork. Plus, we also pride ourselves on all paper shredded being 100% recycled!


So, if you have years of tax files to get rid of before the end of this financial year is upon us, it’s time to spring into action. We can arrange to leave secure bins behind for you to do all the “fun” work before we take care of the destruction side of things. To prove your compliance with Australian Privacy Laws, you will also receive a certificate of destruction on the day.

Every document has a lifespan and you need to keep it handy for the duration it’s required. But once it’s up, we highly recommend you call in the shredding team. To book your secure on or off-site document destruction bin, get in touch with iShred Document Destruction.

Secure Paper Shredding for Individuals

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