Shredding Bin Hire – Getting Documents Ready for Destruction

An organisation’s end of the financial year is a time for reflection, celebration, and planning – and iShred’s Shredding Bin Hire can help make the whole process easier.

Getting rid of unnecessary clutter around the office with secure shredding bin hire is the perfect opportunity for this refresh.

Paper shredding is a fundamental way to protect the privacy of individuals and the confidentiality of their information. Even though the actual shredding process itself provides this assurance and protection, homes and businesses mustn’t overlook the importance of document security and shredding bin hire services.

We recommend secure shredding bin hire to ensure that papers are securely shredded and safely stored and handled.

Shredding Bin Hire Melbourne

Many companies use secure shredding bin hire as standard practice

Identity fraud and theft cases are increasing every day, so now is the perfect time to ensure sensitive documents are stored reliably and securely before disposal.

After all, if paper documents with confidential or personally identifying information are stolen before shredding, the individual’s privacy cannot be safeguarded. In recognition of the need to further increase document security, shredding companies and providers have employed secure shredding bins as part of their services.

A shredding bin hire service is essentially the same as an outgoing mailbox: it has a slot for collecting documents and is equipped with a lock so unauthorised individuals cannot steal or access the papers.


Shredding Bin Hire in Melbourne

On-site Shredding

If you need to shred many documents, onsite shredding services are often the most cost-effective option. On site shredding involves a truck coming to your location and picking up papers in locked bins for shredding. All documents are securely destroyed at the provider’s shredding facility to confirm a secure chain of custody throughout the shredding process.

Mobile Shredding

The iShred truck has industrial strength shredders so that they can shred documents at customers’ locations. To keep documents secure until they are shredded, shredding providers provide clients with their locking bins.

Furthermore, it’s essential to store confidential information in a secure bin or container after it is deemed obsolete and before shredding to protect your sensitive personal and proprietary data.


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