Why You Should Choose Professional Document Shredding

Every business, big or small, should use a Professional Document Shredding service to clear out unwanted junk. It saves time, money, and staff resources.

A professional document shredding service means you won’t have to do it yourself, saving on the cost of having your own shredding equipment and extra disposal costs. Moreover, the professionals can get the job done properly, ensuring sensitive information will never get into the wrong hands.

Clear out the old, make room for the new

It’s easy to accumulate piles of old documents, and hard to clear it all out. Professional document shredding is convenient and safe. Financial documents, contracts, and paper can be destroyed in no time at all. Additionally, CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, flash drives, portable drives, and other electronic or digital information can be removed. Even old uniforms can be securely destroyed and disposed of.

Professional Document Shredding
You decide when

It’s really all about convenience in your busy lives. You can choose how frequently you get your documents and other items destroyed. There’s also the choice of on-site and off-site destruction. For added flexibility, you can even leave your bins or containers behind.

Compliance with the Privacy Act

A professional service will help your business comply with the Privacy Act and other regulations. Being NAID-approved, you know that iShred is a legitimate service. You’ll even be presented with a document destruction certificate. All shredding activity is fully monitored and done by trustworthy experts who know how to make sure any private information can never be reconstructed.

It’s great for the environment

When you get your documents professionally shredded, you’ll have the added benefit of helping the environment too. A hundred percent of your shredded paper will be recycled into all kinds of paper-based products. And with recycling and reusing being of great importance today, it’s a win-win for everyone.


Clear your space of junk while saving time and money and know your private information will stay private. Contact iShred to get started.

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