EOFY Onsite Secure Shredding in Melbourne

Onsite Secure Shredding

With end of financial year fast approaching, are you looking for secure shredding services for your Melbourne-based business and considering EOFY onsite secure shredding Melbourne?

EOFY onsite secure shredding in Melbourne comes with many benefits and can cater to the needs of large and small organisations, as well as individuals.

When the financial year ends, it is time to review old paperwork and dispose of anything that is no longer needed. EOFY onsite secure shredding Melbourne involves a secure shredding service coming to your business with a mobile shredding truck. You have the option of keeping secure shredding bins onsite to safely store documents before the shredding takes place.

One of the benefits of EOFY onsite secure shredding Melbourne includes the fact you can see the shredding taking place – you don’t have to worry about documents getting lost or misplaced, and it saves you time in comparison with DIY shredding.

Once the documents have been destroyed, your business is issued a certificate of destruction as proof that you have securely dealt with all outdated paperwork – this is a great way of creating a trust relationship between business and client.

iShred takes utmost care to ensure that all destruction work is done in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988. The security of your business and clients is our priority.

This secure practice doesn’t have to stop at paper. We provide a full uniform and digital media destruction service as well.

The benefits of EOFY onsite secure shredding Melbourne are immeasurable – you cannot put a price on data safety. Making a routine of securely destroying data that is no longer required is the best way to ensure that your business, and the people who rely on you, are kept safe.

If you would like more information about our secure shredding services, contact iShred via our website, or call on 1300 763 688.

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